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Friendship Elementary provides rigorous Academic instruction to students in VPK through 5th Grade in the areas of reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Teachers follow state provided learning standards that vary based on subject and grade level. Click below for more information. 

Elementary Curriculum

Science Department

Math Department

Reading and English Language Arts Department

Social Studies Department


Interim Reports/Report Cards/Honor Roll

Report Cards Issued March 15th — Holy Rosary Academy | PreK-8th Grade Roman  Catholic School in Nashville, TN - Donelson

Interim reports will be sent to parents/guardians of all students at the mid-point of each nine week grading period. The teacher or parent may request a conference to discuss ways to help the student meet academic success. 

Report cards will be sent home to the parents/guardians approximately every nine weeks.  Grade sheets are kept by the parent while only the comment card and envelope must be signed and returned. 

According to School Board Policy #307, Student Progression Plan, students will be identified for Honor Roll in grades 4 and 5 only using the following criteria:

  1. must maintain an average of 3.0 or above quality points;
  2. one letter grade of C is permissible;
  3. letter grades of D, F, or I are not permissible;
  4. must maintain subject area effort grades of satisfactory (1);
  5. one subject area effort grade of needs improvement (2) is permissible; and
  6. all personal development ratings of satisfactory (1).


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