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Special Area

Special Area

All students at Friendship Elementary have daily opportunities for hands on activities, and physical and social development through Special Area and Recess. These extracurricular activities are proven to help a student's physical and mental growth. Special area classes supplement student learning, and are a fundamental part of a quality education. Students receive instruction in art, music, and physical education on a regular basis. Special area subjects help students to express themselves while developing skills that promote self-expression and creativity. Students participate in special area classes each week and may even become part of after school activities that center around a special area subject, such as Chorus.

Physical Education:

PE Logo

Coach Rodriguez works to help students become the healthiest version of themselves that they can be. Her goals are for your child are to be able to have fun while learning what it is to live a healthy, active lifestyle while learning the basics of functional movements and most sports. She aims to help your child develop and improve their fitness and motor skills by providing activities/lessons geared towards their grade levels and abilities. Her focus will include teamwork and sportsmanship while respectfully working together. 

health education standards


kids playing music

Mr. Hall teaches a structured music program that spirals learning to create well rounded, and musically talented students by 5th grade. 

Each Quarter, students work on the following skills at grade level appropriateness. Click below for more information.

Music Education Standards

Topics By Quarter

Quarter 1: Exploring Rhythm
Quarter 2: Exploring Tone Color
Quarter 3: Exploring Melody, Harmony, and Form
Quarter 4: Expressive Qualities


Kids Art

Ms. Grant understands that art is a gateway to critical thinking and problem solving in students. She uses a holistic and hands-on approach to enrich the creativity of students at Friendship. She also uses a 21st century approach using some digital art lessons with her students. Click below for more information.

Visual Arts Standards 

Art advocacy poster